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Thoughts . . .

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Amazon and Kindle Direct Publishing changed my life. 

That's not an exaggeration. Twenty-five years ago, sitting in a hot, humid federal prison cell in Virginia, I first dreamed of being not just a writer, but a writer who could earn a living, support a family and keep writing. But I had dropped out of high school, having only completed tenth grade English. As I sat on that metal cot, penniless and heavily in debt, with almost a year left on my sentence, it seemed an impossible dream. Still, for more than two decades, while doing everything but writing, I somehow kept the dream alive. Amazon's KDP changed everything.

In 2013, KDP brought my dream to life by making it simple to package my work and send it out into the world. And I mean truly, the world. Through Amazon's sites in more than a dozen countries and reaching into even more, my books have found hundreds of thousands of readers. Every day I hear from people in places like New Zealand, India, France, Germany, Brazil, England, Australia — even a Peace Corp volunteer in the middle of Africa. To learn that my writing has had an impact on someone is very powerful and makes this dream of mine all the more fulfilling. Many of those readers have become friends and inspired my writing. 

I write a lot. I've published ten books in three years. All have been bestsellers on Amazon. I'm working on a new series right now and I love what I do. Being a full-time writer has allowed me to work from home, where I can watch my young son grow up and never miss a thing. When he was six or seven, a friend of his asked his own father, who worked away from home, "Why can't you be a writer?" 

I know many other writers with similar stories. KDP gave them the path to their dreams. So forgive me if I light up when I talk about Amazon, if I claim they are a magic company, a dream factory for not just writers, but also filmmakers, musicians and so many others. Hundreds of millions of people around the world have invited Amazon into their lives and we Creatives are lucky enough to be able to float on that magnificent platform. Is it possible to love a company? When they've made your dream come true —yes! That's why, if it were up to me, I would rename Kindle Direct Publishing — for me, KDP means Keeping Dreams Possible.



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I'm very excited to report that THE LAST LIBRARIAN made the USA Today Best Selling Books list for the week ending November 6, 2016! It debuted in the TOP-100 at #83. Thank you to eveyone who started the Justar Journal. Please let me know what you think.