OUTVIEW (book one of the Inner Movement trilogy)

Across time and dimension they are after him . . .

Nate's father died mysteriously when he was twelve. His older brother knows the truth but their mother had him committed to a mental institution. As the Outviews try to take over his mind, sixteen year old Nate fears his turn is next. During the search for his brother, Nate and his three school friends fight to stay alive.

Along the way they encounter five mystics who show Nate his lost powers, teach the forgotten wisdom and reveal his extraordinary destiny. In time, Nate discovers that everything he believed about his life is a lie, and that the world contains secrets far more beautiful than he could ever have imagined, and evil far more terrifying than he could ever have feared.

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OUTIN (book two of the Inner Movement trilogy)

The journey continues . . .

Book Two of the Inner Movement trilogy, picks up from the last thrilling page of OUTVIEW. Relentlessly pursued, Nate faces impossible choices that transcend life and death. Aided by more mystics, he struggles to find understanding on a breathless quest through extraordinary realms. If Nate can keep his friends alive, avoid Lightyear, and unravel crucial mysteries from the past...the Movement just might have a chance to change everything.

Outin, where truth is hidden within time, time is misunderstood, and understanding is not always knowing the truth. The secrets of the past are all that can save the future.

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OUTMOVE (book three of the Inner Movement trilogy)

The end is just the beginning

Two years after Outin,defying the odds, Nate has repeatedly eluded death. Now, with command of his powers and a clear sense of destiny, he leads the Movement. But the revolution is crumbling. Omnia is wreaking havoc in multiple dimensions. And a new enemy must be faced. Nothing and no one are what they seem. Even history can change when seen through an Outview. Time is running out to save the Jadeo and find the Dark Mystic . . . but time’s a funny thing.

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The Inner Movement